Excellence In Oriental Foods

“We are passionate about providing the UK & European marketplace with authentic food & drink from across Asia. We aim to do so at a fair price to the consumer without compromising on quality and always maintaining a high level of customer service. It is this assurance we have offered our customers throughout two generations in the Oriental food trade”

Our Story

“It is the wealth of knowledge gained throughout two generations in the oriental food trade that has been paramount to the growth and success of ASCO Foods.”

ASCO Foods is 15 years young but our story began almost 40 years ago with the first of our family businesses. Founded by our father and his brother in 1980, our business education was shaped at an early age by spending our formative years working in all aspects of this pioneering business in the oriental food trade.

Fast forward to 2005 when three brothers, Ravi, Sunny & Ash Chadha, founded ASCO Foods to focus on the burgeoning Filipino & Thai community in the UK and provide them with their flavours from home. ASCO Foods were able to bring a higher level of professionalism that was lacking in this sector by ensuring all products met UK & EU requirements with regards to ingredients & labelling.

ASCO Foods grew rapidly to represent leading brands from Vietnam, Malaysia & Singapore as well as being one of the UK’s largest importer of rice from Cambodia. With our continued commitment in marketing and developing the brands and products we represent whilst maintaining our market leader position, we have grown our customer base in to several ethnic channels as well as mainstream food service, cash & carrys, supermarkets and food manufacturers.

Key facts about the company

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Our Brands

ASCO Foods feel a great sense of pride & responsibility when entrusted as representatives for a brand, insofar that we refer to them as Our Brands.
We represent over 40 brands, many of them exclusively. Below you will find details of some of the finest & most established brands from across South East Asia.