b'PANCAKE RANGE SPRING ROLL PASTRY RANGEThe Pancakes have a flaky, layered texture and a wonderful aroma guaranteed to whet any appetite.Traditional Chinese pastries. The secret to perfect spring roll pastry delightfully crispy when deep These pancakes are also called as Chinese pancakes that serve in finest ingredients with no artificialfried, let your cooking skills go wild with this versatile item.colouring and no added preservaties. Best served with favourite sweet and savoury condiments and making it as an ideal of breakfast or snack for family anytime of the day. Cooking Instructions:Cooking Instructions: Remove pastry from freezer and defrost for 30 minutes. Peel off the pastry sheet according to Remove Pancake from freezer. Do Not Defrost. Place Pancake on preheated pan and pan fry for 1 - 1cooking requirement. To prevent dryness, always keep exposed pastry covered with a moist cloth.minutes. Turn it over and pan fry for 1-1 minutes until both sides are golden brown.Remove from the pan and clap with both hands to make it fluffy.JYL001 12x500g JYL002 12x500g JYL003 12x240gJYL004 12x240g JYL005 12x240g'